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Homes for sale and rent in Castellón, Spain

Cala Puntal, Vinaròs, Castellón FEATURED

Cluster house for sale
216.000€ (£ 189.771 app.)
size130m² bedroom/s4 baths3 garage4 garden

Mercadona Viejo, Vinaròs, Castellón URGENT

Flat for sale
110.000€ (£ 96.642 app.)
size86m² bedroom/s3 baths2

EstaciÓn Autobuses, Vinaròs, Castellón

Flat for sale
100.000€ (£ 87.857 app.)
size90m² bedroom/s3 baths2

Zona Hotel, Vinaròs, Castellón FEATURED

Flat for sale
63.000€ (£ 55.350 app.)
size80m² bedroom/s3 baths1

Maria Auxiliadora, Vinaròs, Castellón GOOD DEAL

House for sale
125.000€ (£ 109.821 app.)
size125m² bedroom/s4 baths2

Zona Hotel, Vinaròs, Castellón EXCLUSIVE

Penthouse for sale
155.000€ (£ 136.178 app.)
size190m² bedroom/s4 baths1 garage

Puerto - Plaza de Toros, Vinaròs, Castellón FEATURED

Apartment for sale
118.000€ (£ 103.671 app.)
size82m² bedroom/s2 baths2 garage

Ermita, Vinaròs, Castellón

Chalet for sale
268.000€ (£ 235.457 app.)
size300m² bedroom/s5 baths3 garage1 garden swimming pool

Casco Urbano, Vinaròs, Castellón MAKE AN OFFER

Flat for sale
120.000€ (£ 105.428 app.)
size90m² bedroom/s3 baths2

Càlig, Castellón EXCLUSIVE

House for sale
135.000€ (£ 118.607 app.)
size200m² bedroom/s3 baths3 garage2

Centro Casco Urbano, Vinaròs, Castellón REDUCED PRICE

Flat for sale
120.000€ (£ 105.428 app.)
size94m² bedroom/s3 baths2

Casco Urbano, Vinaròs, Castellón JUST IN

Penthouse for sale
149.000€ (£ 130.907 app.)
size85m² bedroom/s2 baths1 garage1

Costa Norte - Barbiguera, Vinaròs, Castellón EXCLUSIVE

Cluster house for sale
250.000€ (£ 219.643 app.)
size246m² bedroom/s4 baths3 garage plot size250m² garden swimming pool

Piscina, Vinaròs, Castellón

Urban plot for sale
120.000€ (£ 105.428 app.)

Partida Suterrañes, Vinaròs, Castellón JUST IN

Rural/Agricultural land for sale
18.000€ (£ 15.814 app.)

Casco Urbano, Vinaròs, Castellón URGENT

House for sale
300.000€ (£ 263.571 app.)
size180m² bedroom/s5 baths3

Maria Auxiliadora, Vinaròs, Castellón

House for sale
130.000€ (£ 114.214 app.)
size100m² bedroom/s3 baths2 garage

Canet lo Roig, Castellón

House for sale
60.000€ (£ 52.714 app.)
size180m² bedroom/s6 baths1 garage

Costa Norte Saldonar, Vinaròs, Castellón REDUCED PRICE

Plot for sale
82.000€ (£ 72.042 app.)

Vinaròs, Castellón

Apartment for sale
113.000€ (£ 99.278 app.)
size95m² bedroom/s2 baths2

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